2016 Award Nomination – Excellence in Educational Programs

This award will be given to a school district in recognition of an exemplary education program that maximizes student achievement. Please read the NCSBA Award for Excellence in Education Programs criteria, eligibility requirements, specifications for entry, and program categories before submitting your application. All instructions must be followed, or the entry may be disqualified.

To be considered for this award, please complete and submit your nomination materials by Tuesday, October 4. Good luck! 

Please complete this form online; mailed or faxed forms cannot be accepted. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Once you begin this form, you must complete it in its entirety. You will NOT be able to save your work within this form. It is recommended that you complete and gather all necessary documents. Once you are ready to submit, complete the form and upload all documents.

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Criteria for Consideration

  • Has made a difference for students – Examples include student evaluations or feedback demonstrating student satisfaction; surveys of parents, staff, or community; degree of participation in program; ensuring that all students who can benefit from the program are empowered to participate; data demonstrating that the program has undergone a rigorous evaluation and shows evidence of statistically significant improvements in student achievement, school environment, or other desired outcomes; significant improvements for participants, including clearly articulated program goals, identification of measurable outcomes, and evidence that demonstrates the program has generated cost savings that have released resources to provide greater services to students.
  • Is innovative or exemplary – Examples include exemplary implementation of a program; uniqueness throughout the state; creative approach to solving a problem or presenting a curriculum; use of new methods or technology to teach a needed skill or enhance the student experience; creative funding; etc. If a program has been replicated from another program, examples of how the program has been implemented in a unique or innovative manner.
  • Is connected to the board’s vision and supported by the board – Examples include: linkage between the program and the district’s or county office’s vision statement/goals or strategic plan.
  • Is sustainable – Examples include length of time in operation; stable source of funding; high participation from students; sufficient staff knowledge and commitment to maintain the program; strong support from students, parents, educators, the community, and the board; a broad base of support and a strong structure in place to build the program; flexibility to meet changing needs; expansion to serve more students and/or school sites; etc.
  • Concepts can be replicated -Examples include evidence that the program already has been or could be replicated; written goals and procedures; availability of staff to discuss the program and demonstrate effective strategies; evidence that the district and county office actively reaches out to other districts/county offices of education to assist them in replicating the program; appropriateness for a different student population or staff; minimal needs for special facilities or equipment; reasonable costs for initial implementation and training.

Eligibility Requirement

Programs must have been in place for at least two years and still currently be in existence.

Program Categories

  • Elementary (pre-K – Grade 5)
  • Middle (Grades 6-8)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Systemwide K-12 Program

Nomination Specifications

  • Completed entry form
  • Completed official endorsement form
  • One-page narrative on the board’s leadership accomplishments during the school year, typed and double-spaced
  • Program highlights, not to exceed 500 words
  • Optional supporting materials, such as news articles, promotional handouts, etc.

Optional Backup Material

The judges will make decisions based on responses to the prompt on the entry form and the one-page narrative. Backup materials are welcomed, but they are optional. Send backup materials that support the nomination only.

Submission Deadline

All items listed under the Nomination Specifications must be received by NCSBA on or before October 4, 2016.

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