2016 Award Nomination – Raleigh Dingman

The Raleigh Dingman Award is the highest honor bestowed on a North Carolina school board member each year and is named in honor of Raleigh Dingman, NCSBA’s first full-time executive secretary. Since 2003, recipients of this honor have served as an ex-officio member of the NC State Board of Education and the NCSBA Board of Directors. The honoree will be expected to attend meetings of both organizations.

The All-State Board is comprised of eight board members from across the state. Board members designated as members of the All-State Board must have been nominated by their local boards for the Raleigh Dingman Award.

Please read the Raleigh Dingman Award criteria, eligibility requirements, and nomination specifications outlined below before submitting your application. All instructions must be followed, or the entry may be disqualified    .

To be considered for this award, please complete and submit your nomination materials by Tuesday, October 4. Good luck! 

Please complete this form online; mailed or faxed forms cannot be accepted. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Once you begin this form, you must complete it in its entirety. You will NOT be able to save your work within this form. It is recommended that you complete and gather all necessary documents. Once you are ready to submit, complete the form and upload all documents.

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Criteria for Consideration

Nominees for the Raleigh Dingman Award should be individual school board members that have demonstrated leadership at the local, state, or federal level as evidenced by any or all of the following.

  • significant contribution to develop community support for the critical role of public education
  • improving student achievement
  • strengthening professional development to support public education, school board member training and development, the role of school boards, and school leadership
  • engaging the public, parents, and community in school improvement
  • aiding, fostering, and promoting the development of the role of public schools and public education in preserving and promoting democracy;
  • individual or group activities to support a quality public education at the local, state, and federal level and the work of local school boards;
  • leadership and service to school boards, public education, and/or the North Carolina School Boards Association as demonstrated by committee work, attendance at NCSBA seminars, regional meetings, or whole-board training

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nominated by official action of the local board
  • Complied with statutory training requirements for school boards
  • Complied with 2-hour ethics training requirements for school boards
  • Participated in NCSBA Board Development activities
  • Served at least one full term on the local board
  • Currently serving on a school board
  • Willing to serve as an ex-officio member of the NC State Board of Education and the NCSBA Board of Directors by regularly attending meetings of both boards    

Nomination Specifications

Entries must include the following in order to qualify.

  • Completed entry form, must include a summary of the nominee’s qualifications for the Raleigh Dingman Award not to exceed 200 words
  • Completed official endorsement form
  • One-page narrative addressing the nominee’s essential attributes and leadership skills that qualify him or her for this award, typed and double-spaced
  • Evidence of statutory training
  • Evidence of 2-hour ethics training
  • Photo of nominee, print quality
  • Letters of support (optional, no more than 3)
  • Supporting materials, such as news articles, promotional handouts, etc. (optional)

Optional Backup Material

The judges will make decisions based on responses to the prompt on the entry form and the one-page narrative. Additional consideration will be given to letters of support. Other backup materials are welcomed, but they are optional.    .

Submission Deadline

All items listed under the Nomination Specifications must be received by NCSBA on or before October 4, 2016.

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