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2017 Session

Lawmakers are back in Raleigh for legislative business.  Check out our weekly alerts for updates on new legislation and notable legislation impacting K-12 public education.


House and Senate leaders are developing a compromise budget for the 2017-19 biennium.

K-12 public education spending trends since 2008 per DPI: Click here  

County Commissioners and Local Education Funding Lawsuits

There could be a renewed push to place a moratorium on or eliminate entirely the authority of local school boards to use the mediation and lawsuit option to challenge insufficient local appropriations.

Fund Sharing w/ Charters 

There is continues to be a push at the General Assembly to change how school districts account for certain LEA monies and require that they be added to what must be shared with charter schools.

HB 539 was introduced last session in the NC General Assembly.  It would have required school districts to share with charters: indirect costs, including for child nutrition; gifts/grants unless donor specifies that the money should not go to charters; federal grants and appropriations; reimbursements such as E-Rate; and sales tax refunds regardless of how distributed.

Similar legislation could appear in 2017.

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NC School Boards Action Center

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