Awards Program

The following awards will be presented during the 2014 NCSBA Annual Conference slated for November 17-19 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. 

  • Raleigh Dingman Award - The Raleigh Dingman Award is the highest honor bestowed on a North Carolina school board member each year and is named in honor of Raleigh Dingman, NCSBA’s first full-time executive secretary. Since 2003, recipients of this honor have served as an ex-officio member of the NC State Board of Education and the NCSBA Board of Directors. The honoree will be expected to attend meetings of both organizations. Download forms here.
  • County Commissioners of the Year - This honor is presented to a board of county commissioners that has demonstrated extraordinary leadership that advances student achievement in the district. Download forms here.
  • School Board Member Leadership Award – This honor recognizes a school board member who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership during the 2013-2014 school year. Unlike the Raleigh Dingman Award that focuses on longevity and requires the honoree to attend NCSBA and SBE board meetings, the Leadership Award for School Board Member considers the contributions of a board member over the previous school year. Download forms here.
  • School Board Leadership Award - This honor is presented to one school board for extraordinary leadership during the 2013-2014 school year. Download forms here.
  • Award for Excellence in Educational Programs - This award will be given to school boards in recognition of exemplary education programs that maximize student achievement. Download forms here.
  • Award for Excellence in Architectural Design - The NCSBA Award for Excellence in Architectural Design is a People’s Choice Award that will be given to architects for the building design of public schools. The goal is to raise awareness and discussion among board members about the relationship between good design and effective teaching and learning. NCSBA will invite architectural firms to submit exemplary projects that will promote this goal. Voting for this award will be held at the NCSBA Annual Conference.