Dr. Ed Dunlap, Jr. Executive Director 919.747.6679
Patsy Clack Executive Assistant 919.747.6680

Board Development & Technology

Ramona Miller Manager 919.747.6676
Angela Dillingham Information Specialist 919.747.6678
Deborah Estes Membership Services Assistant 919.747.6675
Haley Hepburn Publications Specialist 919.747.6694

Dana Roberts Director 919.747.6690
Sherry Cariss Accounting Technician 919.747.6689
Angela Dillingham Information Specialist 919.747.6678

Governmental Relations
Leanne Winner Director 919.747.6686
Sean Holmes Governmental Relations Research Specialist 919.747.6688
Isabel Villa-Garcia Governmental Relations Associate 919.747.6687

Allison Schafer Director of Policy/Legal Counsel 919.747.6700
Janine Murphy Assistant Legal Counsel 919.747.6699
Kathleen Boyd Senior Staff Attorney 919.747.6695
Nancy Black Staff Attorney 919.747.6693
Tanya Giovanni Staff Attorney 919.747.6701
Haley Hepburn Publications Specialist 919.747.6694
Scott Murray Staff Attorney 919.747.6708
Christina Miller Legal/Policy Assistant 919.747.6713
Cynthia Moore Policy/Editorial Assistant 919.747.6696
Jim O'Rourke Staff Attorney 919.747.6711
McKenna Osborn Staff Attorney 919.747.6697
Christine Scheef Staff Attorney 919.747.6706
Debbie Shinbara Legal Assistant 919.747.6698

Risk Management
Donna Lynch Litigation Counsel 919.747.6685
Ann Cosper Assistant Litigation Counsel 919.747.6681
Lee Adams Claims Assistant 919.747.6707
David Byrd Claims and Risk Services Consultant 919.747.6683
Melody Coons Litigation Assistant 919.747.6684
Helen Gelb Claims Assistant 919.747.6712
Carlisha Parker Claims Adjuster 919.747.6682