The mission of the NCSBA, as an advocate for public school education, is to provide leadership and services that enable local boards of education to govern effectively.


  • The best way to educate the populace is through public schools;
  • The most effective way to govern public schools is through local boards of education which are representative of the community;
  • Members of local boards of education make better decisions when they are educated about their roles and the issues in public education;
  • Legislative and policy making bodies must provide coordinated support to public education;
  • School board members must recognize and accept the importance of their roles as educational leaders;
  • Local boards of education are responsible for the education of all public school children; and
  • School board members must make the best decisions for children and the community.


  • To endeavor to bring about the general improvement and betterment  of the public schools in North Carolina;
  • To promote greater activity and high efficiency on the part of school boards in order to secure the best possible management of the schools;
  • To secure united cooperation in handling school board problems;
  • To provide the legislature and other citizens with information necessary for the passage of sound education legislation; and
  • To inform the public of the conditions and needs of the schools and generate a greater public interest in the public schools of North Carolina.