Education Law in NC (ELNC)

ELNC is an online, subscription-based legal treatise that provides electronic access to up-to-date information about laws and legal precedents that affect North Carolina public schools.

Now published by NCSBA, ELNC was first released in 1987 by the Principals Executive Program at the University of North Carolina.  ELNC undergoes regular revisions by some of North Carolina's top education attorneys to reflect changes in state and federal law.

ELNC is designed to provide school board members and administrators with up-to-date legal information on a wide variety of issues facing North Carolina public schools.  Subscribers who log in to the ELNC website will find chapters on issues such as the power and authority of the local board of education, constitutional rights, student searches, teacher non-renewal and dismissal, religion and the public schools, and tort law.


Recently Updated Chapters:

A.1     The American Legal System (July 2013) 

A.2     State Structures for Operating Schools (July 2012)
A.7     North Carolina’s Charter School Legislation (August 2012)
A.10   State Tort Liability (October 2012)
B.2     Student Discipline Issues (September 2012)
B.4     Extracurricular Activities and Athletics (January 2013)
B.13   Student Testing Under North Carolina Law (August 2012)
C.2     Certification of Professional Public School Employees (December 2012)

In addition, updates of the following chapters are pending for the fall of 2013

A.8    Transportation
B.3    Searches of Students
B.5    Sex Discrimination and Harassment: Title IX and Students 

B.8    Student First Amendment Rights


Subscription Information:

For more information or to subscribe to ELNC, please contact Janine Murphy, editor of ELNC, at or Christina Miller, legal/policy assistant, at