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Teacher Contracts 

  The 25% Selection Procedure
Common Questions and Answers

Attorney General's Advisory Opinion Regarding Definition of "Teacher" for the 25% Four-Year Contract Selection Procedure


  Public School Funding

 Recent K-12 Spending Trends - Fewer Dollars for a Growing Student Population 


Traditional Schools and Charter Schools - Two Separate Systems?

Click here to find a report from NCSBA comparing the differing rules by which traditional K-12 schools and charter schools operate in North Carolina and posing some questions citizens and policymakers should be asking in examining these differences.   



North Carolina School Boards Action Center

Establishment Announcement and Funding Model - August 7


Update - October 11


Vist the Action Center website by clicking here.



School Property Ownership Transfer Legislation

Legislation has been introduced for the 2013-14 session to allow county commissions to unilaterally seize school property from local school boards. Find more information below.


Text of Senate Bill 236


Talking Points for School Board Members