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2016-17 Budget Info

Lawmakers are in the process of developing adjustments to the 2nd of year of the biennium budget. A $22.225 billion overall spending target has been agreed to. 


2015-17 Budget Info

For local school districts, the 2015-17 biennium budget:

  • Retains teacher assistant funding at the 2014-15 level.
  • Keeps State funding for driver education.
  • Raises salary levels for years 0-4 teachers to $35,000.
  • Fully funds ADM growth.
  • Lowers Grade 1 class size ratios in 2016-17 to 1:16.
  • Enacts several measures to address low-performing schools.

Line-item funding adjustments : Click here

Comparison of the major provisions in the budget for K-12: Click here

Teacher salary raises for 2015-16: Click here

K-12 public education spending trends since 2008 per DPI: Click here

Fund 8/Local Fund Sharing w/ Charters

There is a renewed push at the General Assembly to change how school districts account for certain LEA monies and require that they be added to what must be shared with charter schools.

HB 539 is currently pending in the NC General Assembly.  It would require school districts to share with charters: indirect costs, including for child nutrition; gifts/grants unless donor specifies that the money should not go to charters; federal grants and appropriations; reimbursements such as E-Rate; and sales tax refunds regardless of how distributed

HB 539 could come up at any time during the 2016 session.

  • Click here for NCSBAC's Myth/Fact sheet on the issue
  • Click here for a flyer with more information on monies at stake in HB 539
  • Background and Major Litigation: Click here
  • Categories of Monies Accounted for in Fund 8: Click here
  • Section 6 of SB 456 would expand the types of funds that must be shared with charters. It is currently residing in the House Rules Committee and could be taken up in the 2016 session.



 County Commissioners & Lawsuits

A pending bill would place a 5-year moratorium on the authority of local school boards to initiate legal challenges to appropriations from county commissioners.  The bill is HB 561.


Achievement School Districts

Legislation is being considered to form a new entity that would remove up to 5 continually low-performing schools from the jurisdiction of their local school boards and place them under the authority of charter school operators. 

Issue Brief on Achievement School District: Click here

Legislation:  HB 1080



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