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Fund 8/Local Fund Sharing w/ Charters


Background and Major Litigation: Click here

Categories of Monies Impacted if Fund 8 is Eliminated: Click here


Teacher Salaries

2014-15 Teacher Salary Schedule: Click here

Information from DPI on Awarding Bonuses to Teachers at the Top Steps: Click here

K-12 Public Ed Spending


K-12 Public Education Spending Trends in NC Since 2008: Click here


  Charter Schools


17 charter applicants have been recommended for 2016-17 preliminary approval to the State Board of Education by the NC Charter School Advisory Board.



14 charter schools scheduled to open

2 virtual charter schools scheduled to open

NCSBA has published a report examining the different rules and laws that traditional public schools and charter schools must follow in North Carolina and posing some questions citizens and policymakers should be asking in considering these differences.



NCSBA Weekly Legislative Updates

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North Carolina School Boards Action Center

Establishment Announcement and Funding Model - August 7, 2013


Update - October 11, 2013


Visit the Action Center website by clicking here.