Purchasing & Endorsed Programs

U.S. Communities is a non-profit, group purchasing cooperative that assists public agencies in reducing the cost of purchased goods through spooling the purchasing power of governmental agencies nationwide. U.S. Communities provides bulk volume discounts through non-exclusive agreements that have been competitively solicited by a lead public agency. For more information, visit www.uscommunities.org or call Dana Roberts at (919) 841-4040 x6690 or email at droberts@ncsba.org.

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance Go Green Program is the one-stop source for public agency access to buy and live green. We offer a broad line of green products, services and resources. In addition to our green contracts that offer eco-friendly products, local government will find a wealth of green information and resources that will help lower your community’s carbon footprint and assist you in making educated decisions about the products your agency purchases.


GovDeals – offers on-line auctions of government owned surplus, confiscated, and abandoned equipment. Your surplus items are offered immediately for auction to a global audience of active buyers. For more information, visit www.govdeals.com or contact Dana Roberts at (919) 841-4040 x 6690 or email at droberts@ncsba.org.