Workers’ Compensation Fund

The NCSBT Workers’ Compensation Fund provides North Carolina school districts with statutory workers’ compensation coverage for their locally and federally funded workers’ compensation exposures.  This Fund includes coverage for school districts’ proportionate share of their local workers’ compensation exposures on split-fund claims.  The Fund also provides employers’ liability coverage for claims against school districts for employee injury or illness allegedly caused by the school district’s negligence.  NCSBT has partnered with PMA Management Corp. (PMA) to serve as TPA in handling claims through this Fund.  PMA has expertise in the area of workers’ compensation and has worked with NCSBT and North Carolina school districts for a number of years in handling school workers’ compensation claims, including split-fund claims.  This program assists members in complying with state mandates regarding loss prevention and return to work through a variety of training opportunities and resources through NCSBT, PMA, and through Safety National Insurance Company, a NCSBT reinsurance partner.


  • Local/federal statutory workers’ compensation coverage for members
  • Experienced split funded claims processing
  • Employers’ liability coverage with $3 million limits at no additional cost
  • Successful claims handling partnership with PMA Management Corp.
  • Loss prevention and return to work programs consistent with state mandates
  • High deductible options
  • No-cost safety training webinars and online risk management resource libraries from PMA and Safety National, including trackable, assignable safety training modules from Safety National
  • Online access to claim information and ability to run reports
  • Member safety newsletter
  • Claim reporting via internet, phone, or fax
  • In-person stewardship meetings
  • Customized onsite loss prevention training


*Coverage provided through the NCSBT Funds does not duplicate any state-funded liability coverage for North Carolina public school employees.

Risk Management
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