Master Board Program

The NCSBA Master Board program emphasizes team and trust building, conflict resolution, goal setting, communication, managing change, ethics, problem solving, decision making and evaluation. The program, which is a joint project of the North Carolina School Boards Association and the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, responds to the desire of the school district’s leadership team to train as a unit and address the board issues that pertain to an individual school system.

Master Board courses, or modules, are four (4) hours each. Often, boards may choose to schedule a training to coincide with retreats or as a convenient dinner meeting. No matter when your board’s preference is for training location and date, trainers are available to work with your schedule.

Master Board Courses

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Master Board Status

Master Board status is awarded after a board completes five courses. Such boards are recognized with the presentation of a plaque at the association’s annual conference. Master Board I is achieved after five courses, and Master Board II is achieved after ten courses.

What are the costs?

The cost per session is $1400 plus the trainer’s expenses which includes travel, hotel and meals.

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