Chatham County Board of Education Commits to Working Together

Chatham County Board of Education Commits to Working Together

NCSBA’s Master Board Program challenges governance teams to set aside time to train together. Master Board status is awarded when the governance team of a district completes 5 courses. Each course provides four hours of activities and discussion designed to help the board sharpen its governance skills.

“The NCSBA Master Board program is a knowledge- and skills-based training program that provides school boards with the opportunity to develop as a full board,” said Ed Dunlap, NCSBA executive director. “What makes Master Board unique from the Association’s other training programs is that all board members and the superintendent commit to the training.”

NCSBA News is proud to spotlight the Chatham County Board of Education for its commitment to improving its governance, maintaining open communication, and evaluating its processes. The members of the Chatham County Board of Education (above first row: Del Turner, Jane Allen Wilson, Melissa Hlavac; second row: Gary Leonard, David Hamm) have reached Level IV status by completing 40 hours of Master Board training, a first in the state. The board and superintendent were recognized for their achievement during the 2016 Annual Conference. Dr. Derrick D. Jordan, superintendent of Chatham County Schools remarked, “As the first board of education in North Carolina to reach Level IV Master Board Status, our board members have established a high bar for their colleagues across the state. This award underscores an unmistakable commitment to ensuring that they are well-equipped to make the best decisions possible for our students and employees.”

NCSBA recognizes the tireless commitment of all school board members throughout the state. Thank you for making a difference and taking the time to serve and invest in the children of our great State. NCSBA staff members are honored to support what you do!

Ramona PowersChatham County Board of Education Commits to Working Together