NCSBA Legislative Update – June 2, 2017

NCSBA Legislative Update – June 2, 2017

NCSBA Legislative Update
JUNE 2, 2017


House Budget

The House released its salary/benefit budget proposals early this week and then moved its whole budget through the chamber the remainder of the week.  The majority of the budget debate occurred last night as the House voted on floor amendments.  Two votes were required on the full budget package.  The first vote occurred around 10:30 PM, an 82-34 vote to approve.  The House came back after midnight early this morning to vote on another amendment and take a final vote.  Final approval was given by a vote of 80-31.  Some House Democrats crossed over to vote in favor of the budget.

Teacher Salaries

The House package increases teacher salaries on average 3.3% in 2017-18 and 9-9.5% over the biennium.  The average salary increases are roughly the same as the Senate’s package.

School Administrator/Noncertified Pay

– The principal pay schedule is still overhauled in the House budget.

– Whereas the Senate budget linked principal salaries to school growth scores, and provided a series of bonus opportunities, the House continues to link principal salaries to school ADM, with additional salary bumps to those principals with higher levels of Free and Reduced Lunch students.

– The House budget provides for higher salary increases for school administrators and noncertified LEA personnel.


– A one-time 1.6% COLA increase is given to retirees.

Attached please find a more detailed review of all the major provisions and line-items in the House budget.

Remember that there are several notable provisions in the Senate budget that the House budget DOES NOT include: Education Savings Accounts, elimination of school board funding lawsuit authority, and a $13 million DPI flexibility reduction.

The Senate and House will now meet in conference to resolve their budget differences and craft a final budget.  Leadership is aiming to have a final compromise budget enacted by mid-June.



The House PASSED HB 333- Local Option Sales Tax Flexibility.  This is the bill that would take existing statutory authority to implement a local sales tax for public transit and expand it so that counties that want to levy this local sales tax could instead direct the revenue to fund: school construction, teacher supplements, and/or financial support of local community colleges.  The bill passed the House 103-11 and now goes to the Senate.

SCHOOL Bond/State board of education

The State Board of Education yesterday passed a resolution supporting the $1.9 Billion statewide school construction bond.  The resolution came a day after the Board heard a presentation on the challenges facing school districts with school construction financing.  You can read the resolution here.  The school bond bill remains in the Senate.
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Richard BosticNCSBA Legislative Update – June 2, 2017