Student Video Contests

Student Video Contests

NCSBA recognized the winners of the middle school and high school video contests. Students were asked to create 45- to 60-second videos around the theme, What’s Super about Public Schools? Recognition was given during the NCSBA Annual Conference for Board Member Development held in Greensboro November 13-15.

This year was NCSBA’s third middle school video contest and had 19 entries. First place went to the team from Rochelle Middle School, Lenoir County for RMS Public School Rap. Second place went to Contentnea-Savannah School and third place to Woodington Middle School, also in Lenoir County. Each group received a certificate and a Visa gift card for the class to be presented during an upcoming local school board meeting.

The high school video contest teams placing first, second, and third attended the awards ceremony. Each group knew they had placed, but the order was not revealed until the ceremony presentation.

The submission from Nash Central High School, Nash-Rocky Mount Schools won the first-place trophy and a $3,000 cash prize for their school. The second-place winners were from Southern Nash High School, Nash-Rocky Mount Schools; they received a trophy and $2,000 cash prize for their school. In third place was the video from West Columbus High School, Columbus County, winning a trophy and $1,000 cash prize for their school. In addition, judges identified 10 additional videos to receive honorable mention.

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