Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Across our nation, school communities are facing the most unprecedented time in the 21st Century. There are no district policies or even state statutes that can provide all the answers that are being asked. While there are numerous factors that currently lie beyond our control, there is one element boards can control, and that is how they lead.

Our key work has always been student achievement and community engagement that supports student achievement. This focus is more important than ever before as we work with our families who are feeling anxious, scared, and unsure of what to do. During these times of such uncertainty, our communities need and deserve a high-functioning, high-performing school board team that is operating with a laser-sharp focus on the needs of all learners.

Get back to the basics

  1. Trust one another — This isn’t a time to doubt the decisions of your fellow board members, your superintendent, or staff. You hire good people, and you don’t take on the position of school board member for fun (or the money!), but for the students and your community.
  2. Put away the baggage — We all have times of disagreement. Let’s set it aside and work towards what’s best for all. You don’t have to hold hands and sing songs around the campfire, but decide what is most important right now and focus.
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate — Keep one another informed and, along with your superintendent, move forward with a consistent message. These times are confusing and uncertain for everyone. Clarity builds trust with your team, staff, and community.

Now is the time for all school board members to work with their superintendents in the most collaborative, supportive, and positive way possible. Let’s be intentional with our work and do the very best for our children.

Ramona PowersMoving Forward