NCSBA provides a broad range of services to school boards. Membership in the association gives board members and administrators access to the resources that can help them fulfill their governance and leadership roles and help them ensure high levels of student achievement.

Benefit Highlights

A full range of services that supports all aspects of local school governance including:
Legal Assistance Fund
Superintendent search services
Risk management services
Legal information and support
Policy services
Advocacy efforts
Monthly newsletter
Information-packed website –
Respected leadership at the state and federal levels.
Honesty and integrity in promoting and improving public education – we are the only statewide organization representing the local school governance perspective.
Strength in numbers – your ability to impact your students positively is significantly enhanced by joining the other school districts that are NCSBA members. The stronger NCSBA’s membership is the more influential the association can be on behalf of all North Carolina students.

NCSBA’s services are divided into two categories. Many services are provided as part of membership. Other fee-based services, designed to meet specific needs and which benefit specific members, also are offered.

The support of all North Carolina school boards is critical to keeping all NCSBA services available. Without your strong support, NCSBA’s voice on behalf of school governance would be less effective.

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