2021 Award Nomination – Excellence in Educational Programs

This award will be given to a school district in recognition of an exemplary educational program that maximizes student achievement. Please read the NCSBA Award for Excellence in Education Programs criteria, eligibility requirements, specifications for entry, and program categories before submitting your application. All instructions must be followed, or the entry may be disqualified.

Criteria for Program Selection

  • Has made a difference for students
  • Is innovative or exemplary
  • Is connected to the board’s vision and supported by the board
  • Is sustainable
  • Has concepts that can be replicated 

Eligibility Requirement

Programs must have been in place for at least two years.

Nomination Specifications

Entries must meet all specifications in order to qualify.

  • Entry Form Program Highlights including a summary about the program, not to exceed 500 words.
  • One-page detailed narrative summarizing the program and the board’s leadership role, typed and double-spaced
  • Optional supporting materials, such as news articles, promotional handouts, etc.

Optional Backup Materials

The judges will make decisions based on responses to the prompt on the entry form and the one-page narrative. Backup materials to support the nomination are welcome.

Submission Deadline

All items listed under the Nomination Specifications must be received by NCSBA on or before September 30, 2021.

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This form is currently closed for submissions.

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