2021 Award Nomination – School Board Leadership

This honor may be presented to an entire school board that has demonstrated extraordinary leadership during the school year. Please read the School Board Leadership Award criteria, eligibility requirements, and nomination specifications before submitting your application. All instructions must be followed, or the entry may be disqualified.

Criteria for Consideration

Boards receiving the Leadership Award will have demonstrated some or all of these qualities in the past year.

  • Focused on students by fostering an environment in which the student can develop and flourish
  • Demonstrated progress in achieving system goals
  • Fostered increased parental involvement
  • Developed collaboration with social agencies and/or community groups, including other governing bodies
  • Created a school community that fosters quality performance and innovation
  • Worked well with administrative staff and as a board

Eligibility Requirements

  • All members have complied with statutory training requirements for school board members
  • All members have complied with 2-hour ethics training requirement for local governments

Nomination Specifications

  • Completed nomination form
  • One-page narrative on the board’s leadership accomplishments during the school year, typed and double-spaced, on the following topic:

On behalf of the board, describe your board’s most important contributions to the improvement of student learning during the past year.

  • District logo (color version if available), print quality
  • Digital photo of the full board sent as .png or .jpeg file, 300 dpi minimum
  • Optional supporting materials, such as news articles, promotional handouts, etc.

Optional Backup Materials

The judges will make decisions based on responses to the prompt on the entry form and the one-page narrative. Backup materials that support the nomination may be included.

Submission Deadline

All items listed under the Nomination Specifications must be received by NCSBA on or before September 30, 2021.

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This form is currently closed for submissions.

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