August Video Library

August 5, 2021 – August 30, 2021 all-day

This month, you and your fellow board members can come together to review basic governance duties with our library of Core Training videos. Each video is one hour, with the exception of the two-hour ethics training. The cost is $250 per teaching hour and includes access for all board members and staff in your school district. Click on the title below to register. Stay tuned for additional titles next month.

Public Records – $250, available August 5, August 9
Are communications sent via private electronic devices and accounts public records? Can board members be held personally liable for failing to comply with the public records law? What questions should board members ask to assess their district’s compliance with the law? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, make plans to attend this webinar for a primer on North Carolina’s public records law.
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Understanding Basic School Budget Finance – $250, available August 9, August 12
This webinar will help school board members better understand the revenue sources of K-12 school funding, how state funds are allotted to LEAs, and the budget process at the state and local level.
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Governing the System Through Board Policy – $250, available August 16, August 19
School boards are tasked with creating the vision, mission, and goals of a district and then adopting policies that help staff bring the vision to life. During this webinar, you will explore the board’s role in policy.
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Understanding Your Legal Duties as Board Chair – $250, available August 26, August 30
The chair of a local board of education is responsible for presiding over meetings of the board, but what other duties does the chair have? Join this webinar for an overview of how board meetings are to be organized, scheduling and calling meetings, setting agendas, permissible reasons for closed session, and other essential topics.
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Your Role as a Legislative Advocate – $250, available August 26, August 30
Explore your advocacy role at the state level during this one-hour video.
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August 26, 30: Common Liability Issues for School Boards – $250, available August 26, August 30
Learn about the liability issues facing school boards and how the Association can help you manage your risk.
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Ethics for Local Board Members – $500, available August 5-16 SPECIAL ACCESS DATES!!
In this two-hour webinar, we will discuss the ethical standards established by state law for school board members. The webinar will also include a discussion of state and federal laws related to conflicts of interest pertaining to making and administering contracts and possible legal consequences when these laws are violated. Finally, this webinar will review other well-established legal duties and responsibilities of school board members.
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