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August 17, 2021 – August 20, 2021 all-day
$250 per Webinar, per School System; $10 per Board Member

NCSBA’s back-to-school legal webinars are designed to help school system staff prepare for the new year by providing the latest information on issues that affect them. Each webinar is just $250 per school system, making it affordable and convenient to support your staff with excellent professional development.

  • Student Discipline Law: An Overview of State Policy and Procedural Rights (replay from May 2021), available August 17 and 19
    This webinar will provide an overview of the constitutional and state law requirements related to student discipline, focusing exclusively on discipline for on-campus misconduct. Listeners will gain an understanding of short-term suspensions, long-term suspensions, 365-day suspensions, and expulsions, as well as the due process rights of students under North Carolina student discipline law. Video runtime is 55 minutes. Use the links below to register for the desired date.

    Student Discipline Law – August 17
    Student Discipline Law – August 19

  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Social Media:  A Guide for School Employees, available August 18 and 20
    Using stories ripped from the headlines, this webinar highlights the potential pitfalls associated with communicating on social media and provides guidelines for employees to assess their own online behavior.  The target audience is primarily teachers and other instructional employees, but school administrators and board members also can benefit from this essential information. Video runtime is approximately one hour. Use the links below to register for the desired date.

    Avoiding the Pitfalls of Social Media – August 18
    Avoiding the Pitfalls of Social Media – August 20

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