Multiple Webinars

April 28, 2020 – May 1, 2020 all-day
$250 per webinar, per school system

These previously recorded webinars are perfect for board members, administrators, and staff. They will be available Tuesday, April 28, through Friday, May 1, at 5 p.m.

You may register for one or all of the webinars. Each webinar is $250 per school system, and board member credit is $10 per person. If you are a board member and are interested in these webinars, please connect with your board assistant in order to avoid duplicate registrations.

Boundary Invasions and Sexual Grooming: What Every School Employee Must Know About Avoiding Inappropriate Staff-Student Relationships

Most cases of sexual abuse of students by school employees are preceded by a form of “sexual grooming.” Sexual grooming often is only evident after the fact and can be quite subtle and similar to innocent behavior, which can make it difficult for school administrators to identify. On the other hand, no school employee wants his or her innocent attempts at establishing a sound and trusting relationship with students to be viewed as grooming for sexual misconduct. This webinar will discuss how to resolve this dilemma by ensuring employees and administrators understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate boundary invasions and the importance of observing and enforcing professional boundaries.

Religion in the Schools: Curriculum, Holiday Celebrations, and Students’ Right to the Free Exercise of Religion

At times school systems are sued when parents or others object to classroom assignments or school programs that address religious topics or ideas. This webinar will examine court cases that illustrate the types of situations that have stirred controversy in the past. It will also provide general guidance as to what is generally acceptable, what is not, and when to seek guidance from legal counsel.

Bullying and Sexual Harassment of Students: The Classroom Teacher’s Role in Prevention and Response

Classroom teachers play a pivotal role in preventing and responding to bullying and sexual harassment of students. Often overlooked is the teacher’s role in preventing sexual misconduct between employees and students. After a brief refresher on student-on-student bullying and sexual harassment, this webinar will focus on the teacher’s role in protecting students from sexual misconduct by adults in the school environment, including the warning signs of boundary invasions and other grooming behaviors that may progress to sexual misconduct.

Everyone Knew He Was a Troubled Kid: Limits on the Release of Student Information to Law Enforcement and Other Third Parties

School personnel are under increasing pressure to proactively share information about students with law enforcement officials, mental health providers, and others in the hope of preventing the next school shooting or similar tragedy. This webinar examines the limits FERPA places on the release of student information to law enforcement and other third parties and provides general guidance as to what information can be shared, with whom, and under what circumstances.

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