UBA Webinar Series: Food Insecurity and Public Education

June 20, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Please join us as we explore the issue of food insecurity and how it impacts children and families across the United States, along with practical steps that school districts can take to address opportunities in their communities. Roxanne Moore, executive director of the Stop Hunger Foundation, will guide an interactive conversation with a team of community, healthcare, and education experts to explore the root causes of food insecurity and examine the social, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to the problem.

The panelists will provide insights and share experiences about the challenges faced by individuals and families who lack access to affordable and nutritious food. We’ll then discuss how schools and their community partners operating as Nutrition Hubs, ones that operate federal child nutrition programs year-round, can help alleviate this issue while raising awareness, promoting dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, and advancing efforts to ensure that all students have access to healthy, nutritious foods.

This is a FREE webinar to all COSSBA members. COSSBA’s Urban Boards Program is focused on supporting boards of education as they work to address the unique challenges students from challenging environments face daily. The program’s focus is identifying solutions, research-based practices, and best practices to support student success for every child, especially those who are challenged by barriers that have traditionally impeded their success.

Ramona PowersUBA Webinar Series: Food Insecurity and Public Education