Board Member Training


A major goal of the North Carolina School Boards Association is to provide growth opportunities for school board members. Through the NCSBA Academy for School Boardsmanship, school board members are provided high-quality training programs to help them effectively fulfill their responsibilities as leaders of public education in North Carolina. In addition, the program provides opportunities for school board members to meet the requirement of G.S.115C-50 mandating 12 clock hours of training every two years.

In addition, legislation passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in the summer of 2009 requires all North Carolina local board of education members to receive 2 hours of ethics training within 12 months of initial appointment or election and again within 12 months of each subsequent reappointment or reelection. All current school board members were required to receive their initial 2 hours of training by January 1, 2011.

NCSBA is the only organization representing school boards and, therefore, promotes the school board governance point of view in North Carolina. Programs provided through the NCSBA Academy for School Boardsmanship assist participants with broadening their base of knowledge regarding efficient and effective governance of public elementary and secondary education in the state.

All programs offered through the NCSBA Academy for School Boardsmanship are offered in locations which are conducive to learning. Participants in programs earn credit towards the various levels of achievement. When a specific level is achieved, the board member is honored during the NCSBA annual conference.

NCSBA Academy of School Boardsmanship

NCSBA strives to offer board members up-to-date and relevant educational training opportunities. Since its inception in 1985, the Academy for School Boardsmanship has provided an avenue for board members to develop skills and knowledge to carry out the task of leading the state’s school districts.

Each academy year runs from July 1 through June 30. Board members must earn 30 hours of training annually as approved by the local board and reviewed by NCSBA. Once this minimum requirement has been met, annual recognition will be given.

Requirements for Yearly Awards

Recognition is awarded to individuals who have participated in a minimum of 30 hours of training during the current academy year. If a board member chooses not to participate in activities or has less than the required hours of training for the current academy year, that member’s previous achievement level is not penalized. However, the member will not receive recognition at the annual awards banquet or be given a certificate/pin since the member did not meet the minimum requirement of training for the current academy year.

Types of Awards

All members qualifying for recognition of their level will receive a certificate indicating their achievement level. Achievement certificates  will be mailed to each board member’s superintendent.

Recognition Levels

Total Cumulative Hours Recognition Level
30 Certificate of Recognition
31-100 Certificate of Merit
101-200 Certificate of Achievement
201-300 Certificate of Advanced Achievement
301-400 Award of Excellence
401-500 Award of Distinction
501-600 Diploma of Honor
601-700 Bronze Award
701-800 Silver Award
801-900 Gold Award
901+ Scholar’s Circle
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