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2021 Call for Proposals Now Open

NCSBA strives to provide the highest quality educational leadership for boards of education in North Carolina. The Annual Conference is the Association’s flagship event—an intensive three-day learning and networking experience bringing together hundreds of board of education members, school district leaders, and content experts. The goal is to inform and equip school board members so they may govern and lead their districts effectively.

School district governance is complex and there is significant competition to present clinic sessions. The best proposals:

  • Honor the governance role of boards of education. Tip: Prior to submitting a proposal, familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of school board members through NCSBA’s Board Member Service Center.
  • Include the voice of school board members. Tip: Partner with a school district that has experience with your session topic and invite a school board member and superintendent to co-present with you.
  • Allow and manage time for participant interaction and understanding. Tip: Explain how you will incorporate opportunities for participants to interact while also ensuring learning outcomes.
  • Refrain from selling. Tip: School board members come to the conference to learn and network. If you want to develop a relationship with school board members, share a success story, not a sales pitch.


  • Proposals must be consistent with the key work of school boards: student achievement and community engagement that promotes student achievement.
  • We recommend having no more than three presenters per breakout session (except if the proposed session is a panel discussion with Q&A).
  • Suppliers/vendors submitting proposals must pair up with a school board member or school administrator. Breakout sessions are educational in nature; direct selling is prohibited. Vendors must be a Diamond Affiliate of the NCSBA Annual Conference Exhibit Show to be considered for a presentation.

Submission Process

Presentation proposals should be submitted through this website. Once you start the process, you must complete the application. You will not be able to save and return to your form later.

Conference Themes

NCSBA is seeking presentations related to the following themes:

  • Emerging Issues
    What future issues need to be addressed to ensure educators are teaching 21st-century skills? What innovations will shape professional learning in the coming decade? How do you ensure educators are preparing students for today’s global competition?
  • Equity
    How do you apply knowledge of race, class, culture, and learning differences to achieve educational equity and learning for all? What research-based knowledge, skills, and dispositions are required to achieve educational excellence and equity?
  • Governance and Executive Leadership
    Effective leadership skills are necessary to transform public education. Learn how to align resources to the achievement of district standards and priorities, get updates on legal decisions impacting education, understand education reform, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and make better personal use of technology.
  • Innovations in District Management
    Learn how to deal creatively and collaboratively with economic challenges, diminishing resources, and local bond initiatives.
  • School Board/Community Partnerships
    Learn the different roles and responsibilities of the board and superintendents, as well as how to collaborate and develop long-term successful relationships inside and outside the system.
  • Student Achievement, Accountability, and Data
    Understand and use data to inform strategy and board decisions. Gain an understanding of the conditions that optimize teaching and learning, narrow or eliminate the achievement gap, improve accountability, and foster continuous improvement within a system.
  • Technology + Learning Solutions
    Technology is transforming how students learn. Learn about emerging research and technologies, practical strategies, and real-life solutions.

Expenses and Logistics

  • NCSBA does not pay honorariums or travel expenses for breakout session presenters. It is our hope that the intangible benefits of being a part of our programming make your efforts worthwhile.
  • Presenters will have use of the following audiovisual equipment: projection screen, powered AV cart, and a microphone if the size of the room warrants it. Please Note: Special arrangements must be requested for Internet and sound for video.
  • NCSBA requires its presenters to adhere to conference timelines. Presentations and supplementary handout materials are due to NCSBA by October 22, 2021.

Presentation Tips

Conference participants take their learning very seriously. To enrich their learning experience, we ask that you:

  • Stand up whenever possible when you are speaking.
  • Allow and encourage interaction amongst participants.
  • Use a microphone if the size of the room or a health issue necessitates doing so.
  • Repeat participant questions before answering so everyone may hear.
  • Refrain from reading your slides. Instead, add value by speaking to what is on the slides.
  • Face your audience whenever possible. Avoid turning your back to them.
  • Plan ahead for audience engagement and feedback.


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