Conference Opportunities

NCSBA conferences and seminars are held in a variety of formats and locations each year. Click on the title below for registration information when available.

Core Training for School Board Members

Core training is NCSBA’s revamped foundational sessions for new and veteran board members. Formerly called School Board 101, Core training helps strengthen governance skills and solidify your boardsmanship foundation.

Core training will be held in January, July, and November. The January and July sessions cover leadership, advocacy, and the required ethics training for school board members. The November session is a pre-conference event of the NCSBA Annual Conference dedicated solely to school law topics. Please note that sessions are nonsequential. Begin your training at your convenience–in January/July or November.

District Meetings

NCSBA teams up with a local school district in each of the state’s education regions for an afternoon meeting. This four-hour meeting is packed with all the components of a major conference! District meetings are held throughout the state and include a general session, clinic opportunities and an evening meal. Subject matters vary and the meetings are open to board members, school board attorneys, superintendents, board assistants and any other school staff interested in particular agenda items.

NCSBA Law Conferences

Fall Law Conference: The fall colors of the mountains serves as the back drop to annual law conference. Each year, the association’s legal department teams up with the premier education attorneys in the state to bring you information on a variety of legal matters in the educational arena. The conference is held in October in Asheville.

Spring Law Conference: Each spring, NCSBA holds a law conference at the NCSBA office.

NCSBA Public Policy Conference

The Public Policy Conference offers participants a look at how various issues will impact local school districts.

NCSBA Annual Conference

This is the major conference for North Carolina board members each year, and NCSBA strives to include presentations about the hottest educational issues. Included are featured speakers, the Delegate Assembly, and board member recognition and celebration. The conference is conveniently held in Greensboro.

Summer Leadership Seminars

These seminars are daily trainings that allow participants the opportunity to focus on skill development in particular governance area. Each day’s training is 5 hours, and the week culiminates with a two-day policy conference.

NSBA Annual Conference

Each spring, the National School Boards Association sponsors a convention for school board members and superintendents. Participants enjoy opportunities for sharing ideas and gaining information about educational trends and techniques, as well as networking with board members from across the country. This conference offers clinics and workshop sessions to help school leaders enhance their operations and guide children to greater achievement. Nationally recognized and distinguished speakers are always featured, and the conference continues to be the largest meeting of public officials in the nation.

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