The Poverty Factor

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Poor home circumstances often mean poor school performances. On March 3 school board members and administrators came together to change that!

The Addressing the Gap Between Education and Poverty workshop is an interactive experience that is designed to help school leaders examine the experiences of students in generational poverty, discover hidden personal biases, and develop strategies for change. Based in part on Bridges Out of Poverty, a book written and developed by co-authors, Dr. Ruby K. Payne, Phillip Devol, and Terie Dreussi-Smith, Addressing the Gap will challenge participants to discover and move beyond their limits to redesign local programs that better serve the students in their communities.

Addressing the Gap offers a deeper understanding of the challenges and needs of people in poverty and the know-how to partner with them to create successful outcomes that build healthy students and healthy communities.

NCSBA will work with presenters to offer a pre-conference session on The Poverty Factor during the 2017 NCSBA Annual Conference in Greensboro.

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NCSBA Training Credit - Addressing the Gap Between Education and Poverty
Ramona MillerThe Poverty Factor