Video Training

The Video Training program gives your schools the flexibility to decide what time of day works best for your staff to learn about relevant training topics from NCSBA’s legal team.

How it works

As a school system, pay just $195 for each hour of training and all of your board members and employees are covered under your registration to access the selected video! Simply share the log in information that you set up. Each school is able to play the video throughout the access day as needed.

  1. Visit to access the selection of recorded videos available.
  2. Click the registration link to sign up for the video.
  3. Complete the form and payment information and you’re done!
  4. On the day video access is available, log in to the video site using the user name and password created during the registration process.

Access will be available between 7 AM and 9 PM on the specified day with unlimited login opportunities.

Cost is $195 per training hour. Visit to get started with your registration process.

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