Automobile/Inland Marine Fund

NCSBT’s Automobile/Inland Marine Fund provides members with coverage for claims arising out of the operation of non-yellow school bus vehicles owned and used by the school district, including vehicles borrowed, rented, or leased by the district.  Coverage is also provided for authorized yellow school bus uses that are not subject to the North Carolina State Tort Claims Act.  This fund also provides excess coverage for school district employees while using their own vehicles for school district business.


  • Automobile liability coverage which includes bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists, nonowned, and hired vehicles
  • Automobile comprehensive and collision physical damage coverage with a per-claim deductible
  • $1 million per-accident limits of liability (higher limits of coverage are also available)
  • Garage liability and garagekeepers physical damage coverages are also available for school garage operations
  • Inland marine coverage for a school district’s miscellaneous property, such as band instruments, computer equipment, and farm machinery


*Coverage provided through the NCSBT Funds does not duplicate any state-funded liability coverage for North Carolina public school employees.


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