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The Governmental Relations (GR) Office is the lobbying arm of NCSBA.  We represent North Carolina’s 115 local school boards and the Cherokee Central School as the unified voice for all school districts across the state.

We’re responsible for tracking bills, observing session votes and carrying out the legislative agenda adopted by the NCSBA Delegate Assembly.  Our team attends House and Senate committees and frequently provides testimony on issues that impact K-12 education.  We meet with state legislators, the congressional delegation, other educational groups and government agencies to cultivate relationships and influence legislation.  Additionally, the team monitors state agencies and advocates on an as needed basis.



Leanne E. Winner Director lwinner@ncsba.org 919.747.6686 Click here for full bio
Bruce Mildwurf Associate Director bmildwurf@ncsba.org 919.747.6672 Click here for full bio
Richard Bostic Assistant Director rbostic@ncsba.org 919.747.6677 Click here for full bio
Rebekah Howard Research Specialist rhoward@ncsba.org 919.747.6688 Click here for full bio


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