Policies to Lead the Schools

Policies to Lead the Schools (PLS) is a web-based policy reference manual developed by NCSBA.  It provides local boards of education with a resource for up-to-date, legally compliant sample policies.  PLS contains over 330 sample policies, including:

  • All policies required by the State Board of Education and General Assembly;
  • Recommended policies;
  • Annotations that further explain the policies, suggest alternatives and identify where the policies may be modified to reflect local board and school system practices; and
  • Extensive references to legal authorities, including state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines.

PLS can be used as a reference for legal and policy issues, a source for model policies, and/or a base to revise a complete policy manual.  It allows searching for complex terms, can be downloaded into a word-processing format, and provides links to legal authorities.

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PLS is password protected for use by subscribing school systems.
If you subscribe to PLS but have lost your username or password, please contact Chelsea Sutton at csutton@ncsba.org.
For more information about PLS, contact Christine Scheef at cscheef@ncsba.org.

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