Simbli by eBOARDsolutions

Simbli by eBOARDsolutions offered in North Carolina features three core integrated modules that help boards maximize productivity, bringing together meetingsplanning, and evaluations into one, easy-to-use board management software solution. Although each module is strong alone, the power to drive more effective board governance and achieve organizational excellence lies in their ability to work together. And with our iPad app and web browser accessibility, your board and its stakeholders can always get the information they need — anywhere, at any time.

Simbli’s core integrated modules offered in North Carolina include:

  • Meetings – Streamline meeting agenda preparation and provide easy and secure access to meeting materials.
  • Planning – Develop, communicate, and collaborate on policies and procedures in real time.
  • Evaluations – Prepare and conduct board self-assessment, leader evaluations, and organizational reviews.

Learn more about eBOARDsolutions and their award-winning board governance software by visiting the eBOARDsolutions website or contact Ramona Miller, Board Development and Technology Manager at 919.747.6676.

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