Risk Management

The risk management partner schools trust. Since 1982.

NCSBA has been the primary and trusted risk management partner of North Carolina public school districts through the North Carolina School Boards Trust (NCSBT).

NCSBT is the only member-funded, member-managed risk management program in the state designed specifically for our public school districts. It is governed by a board of trustees comprised of board of education members from across the state. The program provides a number of coverages to its members through its three funds:

Errors & Omissions/General Liability

Automobile/Inland Marine

Workers’ Compensation

While our services rival those of any insurance company, our mission to provide risk management protection and services only to schools sets us apart. Unlike for-profit insurance companies that lure districts with initial low rates that steadily increase over time, our not-for-profit structure allows our members to consistently enjoy excellent service at stable, competitive prices. At NCSBT, the focus is on finding the appropriate risk management services and protection for our members, not looking for ways to avoid paying claims.

Our knowledgeable, accessible staff is always willing to answer questions and assist members with issues that may arise in the area of risk management. We value the relationships that we have developed with our members over the years, and we look forward to continuing to serve their risk management needs.

In addition to the NCSBT risk management program, a variety of other coverages are available through NCSBA’s endorsed programs, including same-day field trip accident coverage, boiler & machinery coverage, and adult volunteer accident coverage.

For more information about the NCSBT risk management program or the NCSBA endorsed programs, visit the new NCSBT website using the button below.

Risk Management
Donna Lynch Litigation Counsel dlynch@ncsba.org 919.747.6685
Forrest Fallanca Assistant Litigation Counsel ffallanca@ncsba.org 919.747.6701
David Byrd Claims and Risk Services Consultant dbyrd@ncsba.org 919.747.6683
Christina Miller Data Analyst cmiller@ncsba.org 919.747.6687
Kelly Morgan Claims and Risk Management Specialist kmorgan@ncsba.org 919.747.6681
Melody Coons Litigation Assistant mcoons@ncsba.org 919.747.6684
Lee Adams Assistant ladams@ncsba.org 919.747.6707
Helen Gelb Assistant hgelb@ncsba.org 919.747.6712