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School board members, school personnel, students, and parents need to have quick, easy access to the most up-to-date version of board policies. NCSBA, with the help of MicroScribe Publishing, can make that happen.

There are many benefits to posting your local board policies online with our webhosting service. Learn more about those benefits below.

Local boards can:

  • Provide access to the policy manual for employees, administrators, and community members in a user-friendly format
  • Quickly update the policies as necessary after each board meeting, with unlimited revisions per year
  • Reduce the administrative workload on staff and paper costs for publishing board policies
  • Reduce potential legal problems associated with relying on inaccurate, outdated policies
  • Search other school systems’ policy manuals hosted by NCSBA

Community members can:

  • Easily locate and print current board policies
  • Search the entire policy manual for terms or phrases on a specific topic
  • Jump to legal references for a particular policy
  • Copy sections of the policy manual
  • View the entire policy manual from any computer with Internet access
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