Breakout Sessions

Participants will have the opportunity to attend a variety of breakout sessions. Sessions will be held on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday.

“I’m Sick of Data!” How to Build a Schoolwide Culture of Growth that Uses Data Strategically
ReContext Data Solutions
Monday,3:45-5| Blandwood
Is your team committed to building a school culture of continuous improvement? Is the vast ocean of data distracting your team from what really matters? Does your team know how to use the data to serve your goals? David Adler, an expert in using data to build high-performing, student-centric schools, will share specific strategies for building growth mindset leadership using just the right data to serve your needs.

“I’m Sick of Data!” How to Build a Schoolwide Culture of Growth that Uses Data Strategically
ReContext Data Solutions
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Blandwood
Is your team committed to building a school culture of continuous improvement? Is the vast ocean of data distracting your team from what really matters? Does your team know how to use the data to serve your goals? David Adler, an expert in using data to build high-performing, student-centric schools, will share specific strategies for building growth mindset leadership using just the right data to serve your needs.

Best Design Practices for School Security
Monday,2:15-3:30| Pebble Beach
Recent news events have brought school security to the forefront of discussions about educational facilities design. School systems, students, teachers, families, and the wider community naturally want the safest possible facilities in the event of an emergency. This session will explore best practices for school security through the lens of architectural design, including security audits, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, concentric zones of security, maintaining safe egress, and integrated technology. The safety of our students is our number one priority.

Blending Personalized Technology Tools like Digital Storytelling to Build Leadership and Foster School Success
East Carolina University
Tuesday,9-10:15| Blandwood
New digital learning technologies have the capabilities to personalize how we develop student leaders and teacher leaders in our schools. Digital storytelling provides a way for students to present a summary of the work they have done at the end of a project. To share their progress and provide teachers with an opportunity for feedback that will strengthen the digital story, students and instructors at East Carolina University are using interactive tools with great success. Flipgrid, VoiceThread, GoReact, and other digital storytelling tools allow students to build their language and communication skills in a safe digital setting. This presentation will share how these tools capture student performance and facilitate real-time coaching as students build their communication and leadership skills in a digital world. It will also share how the tools provide for and demonstrate student success and school transformation.

Bridging the Engagement Gap: Building Community Support and Involvement in Your District
Monday,3:45-5| Morehead
When schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and enroll in higher-level programs. To ensure that the students of today are ready for the careers of tomorrow, families, schools, and community groups need to work together to promote engagement that is systemic, sustained, and integrated into school improvement efforts. Explore strategies for helping schools and districts build a set of day-to-day practices, attitudes, beliefs, and interactions that support effective community engagement and examine practical implementation examples you can put to use today!

Bridging the Engagement Gap: Building Community Support and Involvement in Your District
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Blandwood
When schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and enroll in higher-level programs. To ensure that the students of today are ready for the careers of tomorrow, families, schools, and community groups need to work together to promote engagement that is systemic, sustained, and integrated into school improvement efforts. Explore strategies for helping schools and districts build a set of day-to-day practices, attitudes, beliefs, and interactions that support effective community engagement and examine practical implementation examples you can put to use today!

Building a Shared Vision: Using Digital Tools to Share Your Story
Dare County Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Augusta A
What are your hopes and dreams for our students’ futures? That is the question that Superintendent Dr. John Farrelly asked over 1,000 stakeholders through a comprehensive community visioning process. This session will explore best practices and lessons learned in using technology to engage and foster a community dialogue around the future of education in Dare County Schools. We’ll talk about how to become a better storyteller, provide access to tutorials, social media best practices, and more! The presentation will be interactive, and prizes will be awarded for participation!

Career and College Promise in Lenoir County: Not Your Average Partnership
Lenoir County Public Schools
Monday,2:15-3:30| Sandpiper
Through a blend of online and face-to-face classes, Lenoir Community College students are currently enrolled Lenoir County Public Schools students. Come learn about the deep and wide partnership between LCC and LCPS and how the partnership has changed the high school experience for our students.

Collaborative Partnerships to Support Student Success: Vance County Student Spotlight Program
Vance County Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Biltmore
This session will highlight the partnership between the Vance County Board of Education, the Vance County Public School Foundation, and “The Daily Dispatch” to recognize, celebrate, and honor outstanding students in the community in a new and innovative way. Students from the district were nominated by their schools and recognized by a secret prize patrol of community representatives. Students were later treated to a special recognition dinner and an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. The program has developed goodwill in the community and built support for our school across all sectors.

Compassionate Schools: A Culture of Resilience for All Students and Staff
Buncombe County
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Morehead
This session will utilize findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences survey and brain research to demonstrate how schools can create a culture of support for students and staff.  Many students experience chronic stress or traumatic events that affect the way the brain processes information and negatively impacts behavior and learning. These ACES have long-term impact but can be countered by learning social-emotional skills and strategies to regulate emotions and reengage cognitive thinking. Buncombe County Schools is integrating these supports in a tiered approach to promote behavioral health and improve overall outcomes.

Creating a More Respectful School System for a Diverse Population of Students and Families
Orange County Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Sandpiper
The session will provide an interactive opportunity for attendees to explore and begin to question which practices and structures can be put into place to create working and learning environments that respect the diversity of stakeholders. Participants will engage in thought-provoking exercises to better understand bias and reference points. Session participants will gain a better understanding of how to: 1. Capitalize on diversity as an asset, 2. Promote trust and understanding throughout the school community, and 3. How to monitor and respond to cultural diversity and learning needs.

CTE: Doing More with Less
Scotland County Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Morehead
Scotland County has ranked in the top five for highest unemployment over the past decade. Scotland County Schools’ career and technical education department has been innovative and creative in preparing students for careers in our area. We have maximized the use of our funds to meet the needs of our students and employers.

Digital Transformation: It’s a TEAM Effort
Onslow County Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Sandpiper
Emphasizing the 4Cs (collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking) is not taking place in the classroom alone. Onslow County Schools is modeling effective uses of tech integration at all levels in the district. In this session, instructional technology leaders from OCS are excited to share how they have monitored technology’s impact on classroom achievement, streamlined business solutions, and become the number one user of Microsoft Teams for Education in the world. OCS is excited to share how their digital transformation continues to be successful and what’s coming up for this innovative district.

District-Level Equity Leadership
UNC-Chapel Hill/ Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools / Durham Public Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Meadowbrook
This proposal summarizes the academic research of Dr. Meredith Maier on district-level equity positions and programming in public schools. This presentation will serve as an introduction to district-level equity roles in public school systems, what North Carolina School Boards should consider when their districts are creating district-level equity leadership roles, and the importance of support, strategic hiring, and a critical lens at the district level. Co-presenting with Dr. Maier is Dr. Daniel Bullock of Durham Public Schools. Dr. Bullock currently serves in a district-level equity leadership role as the executive director of equity affairs for DPS. Dr. Bullock will provide real-time context to Dr. Maier’s research, relay his experiences in equity leadership in North Carolina at the school and district leadership level, and reiterate the importance of equity-specific roles in school districts. Both presenters will be available for specific questions regarding implementation and organizational structure within their districts.

Effective Communications for Executive Leadership
Orange County Schools
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Sandpiper
Strong communications is effective leadership. Knowing how to navigate the divide between your message and your audiences is essential for school, district, and community leaders. What expectations do parents or staff have of you in terms of your social media presence or how you respond to emails or what information you disseminate on any number of topics? Session participants will be presented with current information on digital media, creating and marketing their personal brand, and what effective communications can do for leaders. There will be time for a question and answer session.

EPIC Academy:  A Game-Inspired Approach to Teacher Professional Development
Surry County Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Tidewater
What in the world do games have to do with teacher professional development? What can motivate adult learners to complete thousands of hours of digital learning professional development with zero mandate? When was the last time you heard teachers call professional development addictive? Join Lucas Gillispie, director of digital learning and media for Surry County Schools, as he shares the EPIC journey he and his teachers are making in EPIC Academy!

Explore the CORE!
Vance County Schools
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Biltmore
Learn how a rural school district leveraged technology to create a digital platform to “Connect Opportunities and Resources for Educators” at absolutely no cost. This centralized tool is a one-stop shop for district-wide communication, professional development, and instructional resources. Come and see how this district uses this platform as a solution to supporting a transient teacher population.

From the Boardroom to the Classroom: Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind
Lenoir County Public Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Augusta B
“Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind” served as a central theme for our school board administrative retreats. Aligned conversations about engagement promoted a deeper understanding of the supports necessary to allocate resources to meet the needs of children of poverty. As a result, schools embedded professional development to provide focus and encourage intentional integration of strategies to grow cognitive capacity. Join us in sharing district, school, and classroom practices to deepen learning and teaching for students of poverty.

Granite Falls: A Case Study in Revitalization, Modernization, and a Community Preserving a Legacy
McKissick Associates Architects (in conjunction with Caldwell County Schools)
Monday,2:15-3:30| Morehead
In this session, representatives from McKissick Associates Architects and Caldwell County Schools will participate in a panel discussion of community engagement, renovation considerations, collaboration, and the process behind the Granite Falls Middle School project. Touchpoints will include community engagement techniques, consensus building, and collaboration with multiple organizations and agencies. Panelists will discuss the process of evaluation, assessment, and decision-making involved with Granite Falls Middle School, including why Caldwell County Schools decided to maintain the existing site, preserve, and rebuild the historic structures. With budget constraints pitted against the cost of land development and new construction, a new facility with the same amenities as their existing school was unlikely. Rather than take an all or nothing approach, the project team was able to address the issues of old buildings and good old buildings, identifying which aspects of older structure have the most to offer for rehabilitation as part of a 21st Century curriculum. Panelists will also discuss the decision to proceed with a combination of renovation, selective demolition, historically sensitive‚ new construction, and historic preservation, and the particular challenges and benefits of this process. Attendees of this panel can expect to glean lessons learned and best practices for engaging local communities with historic schools.

High School Transformation: Changing the Mindset Without Sweating the Small Stuff
Lenoir County Public Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Augusta B
Seem to be stuck in a school rut? Visit this session to learn how changes in culture have helped our school grow to a “B” school. In 2013-14, 288 students were suspended compared to 2017-18, when only 64 students were suspended. At the same time, test scores for the school have continued to rise. Significant changes in nearly all aspects of school life have helped to create a “whatever it takes” with “no excuses” family atmosphere among staff members and students. Learn how a transformational site-based leader facilitated comprehensive school reform.

How a Tribal School District Built an Effective School and Community Partnership
Cherokee Central Schools
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Augusta
Come learn how Cherokee Central Schools and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) created the Qualla Education Collaborative (QEC) to support the needs of EBCI children from cradle to career. The QEC provides a formalized way to promote collaboration across schools and existing tribal and community-based programs serving EBCI students.

Increasing Access in Advanced Academics
Durham Public Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Meadowbrook
Durham Public Schools is committed to equity and access for each and every student. This presentation will share how DPS has increased access to under-represented groups in our academically and intellectually gifted program. It will discuss details regarding the process for access to gifted programming, as well as the instructional support provided to both students and teachers. DPS has created multiple pathways that recognize student abilities. Ultimately, this district process has increased access and outcomes for DPS students.

International and Innovative Staffing Solutions
Vance County Schools
Monday,2:15-3:30| Biltmore
Staffing is a challenge for school districts across North Carolina and the country. Vance County Schools has instituted innovative staffing solutions to meet the needs of our students, including recruiting and training international teachers and utilitzing opportunity culture. Both strategies have increased our retention of high-quality teachers.

Keeping the Promise for All Students:  How School Boards Can Ensure Student Success through Educational Equity
Missouri School Boards Association
Monday,2:15-3:30| Auditorium IV
All districts face unique challenges, especially in the area of equitable access to effective educators for all students. During this session, we will share strategies for boards and superintendents to use for examining district procedures and analyzing data to ensure education equity for their students. Participants will learn the six research-proven attributes of effective educators and examine the research on the positive impact of having at least one teacher who shares the same race or ethnicity on student success. Leave with strategies to support educational equity for your students at home.

Lead by Wisdom: An Innovative Approach to Leadership and Team Development
MindKind Institute
Monday,2:15-3:30| Blandwood
Schools and school systems deserve transformational leadership that is leading the shift in paradigm when it comes to 21st Century education. How can schools enable executive teams from being dysfunctional to becoming functional, and from being merely functional to becoming transformational? Step into the wisdom of mindfulness-based leadership and team development. In this session you will gain experiential understanding of how mindfulness plays an important role in transforming adults and teams by influencing the ways in which team members collaborate, communicate, interpret, and problem solve. The session highlights the importance of developing mindful leadership at the highest levels of the system to ensure that those leading the way, in a time of increased complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity, will have the insight and wisdom needed to take the entire system into the future, all while maintaining harmony and achieving results. Learn from a case study of a public school district in California that is applying this innovative approach with its executive cabinet, administrative staff, as well as teachers, to transform the entire system.

Magic in the Mirror: Transforming Tomorrow Today!
Rockingham County Schools
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Heritage
Educational transformation begins with reflective practices. The Rockingham County Schools Vision 2020 Strategic Plan was created through a community planning process. Peer into the mirror that looks closely at the focus areas of the strategic plan. During this session you will be guided through the steps of formulating a sustainable plan of district improvement. Participants will leave the session with specific action steps that can be taken back to the district level for immediate implementation to positively improve student learning outcomes.

Meeting the Career Readiness Imperative
Tuesday,9-10:15| Pebble Beach
This presentation will examine the question, “How can schools support all students in discovering their personal career goals and plans without compromising academics and requiring additional resources?” It will discuss practical and cost-effective strategies that districts have deployed to boost career outcomes for all students while enhancing academic success.

Modern Leadership: Digital Convergence vs. Digital Conversion
Craven County Schools & Modern Teacher
Tuesday,9-10:15| Tanglewood
Our country’s education system has converted to digital formats at scale as technology solutions are flooding the space, but why haven’t student outcomes changed? Why hasn’t instruction changed? Digital convergence is the antithesis of the single-point solution in education. Single-point solutions are technology or instructional solutions deployed absent of how they contribute to a unified vision for modern learning. Digital convergence allows school boards to adopt solutions that provide measurable value and facilitate modern learning. This session will explore the latest research on change management through the Digital Convergence Framework. Connect with thought leaders as the board members and superintendent of Craven County Schools share their journey through convergence. The discussion will cover developing a bold vision for modern learning unique to their district and community, aligning leadership and forming cross-functional teams, building an instructional and technological infrastructure, developing a proficient workforce, and synchronizing with their community. Collaborate and discuss with fellow board members about transformation at scale. It all starts with the board’s leadership.

Next Generation Career Academy
Surry County Schools
Monday,2:15-3:30| Tidewater
Surry County Schools partnered with Surry Community College, local businesses, and county officials to apply and receive a Golden Leaf Foundation Grant that enabled them to hire a career coach and place high school students in paid internships. Students also receive workforce training from Surry Community College and local business partners.

Recoding Our Future: Bringing Computer Science to Students in Rural Communities
Lenoir County Public Schools
Monday,3:45-5| Biltmore
As one of the first Coding and Mobile App Development Grant recipients awarded by NCDPI, Lenoir County Public Schools utilized funding to design coding and computer science experiences for all LCPS middle school students with plans to extend this exposure to elementary students. In addition, newly designed online coding courses are now available to every LCPS high school student. Let us share our challenges and successes with you and discover how we are changing the future for our students.

Renewing Public Education: The Renewal School System Legislation
Rowan-Salisbury Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Augusta A
In May 2018, the NC General Assembly ratified House Bill 986, which allowed Rowan-Salisbury Schools to apply to be the state’s first Renewal School System. The Renewal School System legislation allows charter school-like flexibilities, including flexibilities in calendar, personnel, budget, and curriculum. In August, Rowan-Salisbury Schools applied and was granted the Renewal School System flexibilities. In the past months, much work has been completed to rethink public education with emphasis on local control. Join us as we explain our journey through Renewal. We will describe why we chose to apply, our change management process, how we are implementing district-wide flexibilities with an emphasis on local control and teacher input, and how this legislation may one day benefit all school districts across North Carolina.

Road to Recovery the Fourth Time Around: How Floyd, Irene, and Matthew Influenced Florence Response
Lenoir County Public Schools
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Augusta B
Lessons learned from prior hurricane events informed the planning and preparation for Hurricane Florence. Meeting student, staff, and family needs was the primary focus of school system efforts. LCPS will share strategies for proactive planning with emergency management, media, health and human services, and relief agencies.

School Consolidations: How to Navigate and Implement Without Fear
Vance County Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Biltmore
Representatives from Vance County Schools will discuss the process they undertook to consolidate their two middle schools and two high schools. They will go over the following factors: The key drivers of the decision, laying the groundwork for making the decision, stakeholder engagement to facilitate community support, implementation and how to make it happen and start school within four months of the decision,            lessons learned, and next steps. We will discuss impacts from the Instructional framework, the business/fiscal framework, and the operations/maintenance framework since all play a role through the entire process. We will provide our work plan and our lessons learned to help other districts who may be struggling with how to make these decisions due to drops in enrollment, under-capacity facilities, or how to enhance instructional efforts.

School Cyber Risks – Is Your District Protected?
Victor O. Schinnerer
Monday,2:15-3:30| Arrowhead
Cyber risks are a growing concern for the 21st century school district. Is your district covered? This session will provide an overview of cyber insurance basics, along with information about NCSBA’s Endorsed Cyber Protection Program.

School-Based Mental Health Services: A Look at What Now When Students are Emotionally/Behaviorally Dysregulated
Nash-Rocky Mount
Tuesday,9-10:15| Heritage
This session will take a close look at the need for school-based mental health services not only in our state but across our country. It’s our desire that we grasp this need and get a deeper understanding of these services and how it impacts, in addition to our children, the fiber of the social  aspect and economics of our educational system. This presentation targets students with extreme mental, emotional, and conduct problems. Through a synergetic approach, participants in this session will be able to share issues within their own district for the purpose of us becoming cognizant of the context of this statewide issue. Learners will explore implications for proactive versus reactive responses to treatment needs when considering student performance. The basic principles of cognitive restructuring and psycho-education are active ingredients to managing individuals with behavioral health issues. We will examine access to healthcare and the critical role that school systems play. Empowerment, resilience, wellness, and greater student achievement are expectations when mental health services are effectively deployed.


Succeed by Love: Leveraging Mindfulness to Develop Resilient and Compassionate Leadership
MindKind Institute
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Tanglewood
Dive into an experiential session that provides a variety of tools and techniques to develop and deepen compassion, emotional intelligence, and personal resilience that will transform the way you understand mindfulness and its impact on leadership and school systems. Gain experiential, theoretical, and research-based understanding of what mindfulness is and its benefits for district leadership, school leadership, teachers, students, and parents. Participants will learn about MindKind’s turnkey program, the Mindful Leadership Mission, that districts can leverage to begin the work of bringing mindfulness-based leadership programs into systems, schools, and communities. Hear testimonials from a variety of system stakeholders on the effects of just five weeks of mindful leadership development.

Surry County Schools Elementary GROW Strong Team (Go Run Our World)
Surry County Schools
Tuesday,9-10:15| Tidewater
Surry County Schools takes pride in educating the whole child. The Whole Child approach is an effort to transition from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to one that promotes the long-term development and success of all children. It is the goal of Surry County Schools to provide a healthy, safe, responsible environment and a caring culture for all students and staff. Through that vision and leadership, all 11 elementary schools have running clubs called GROW Strong. The program goals for GROW Strong include building student confidence, improving character, goal setting, proper running techniques, completing a 5K race, and ultimately learning how to live a healthy lifestyle now and for the future.

Surry County Schools Science Institute: An innovative Approach to Centralized STEM Resources
Surry County Schools
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Tidewater
We all love STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s the pipeline that prepares our students for careers of the future. However, building excitement, training teachers, and emerging technologies all come with a price. STEM education can also bring high costs for equipment, professional development, and resources. Join us to learn how one innovative rural school district has centralized resources to support STEM education for all students, bridging gaps and increasing student achievement.

Teacherpreneurs: Developing Teachers Who Lead but Don’t Leave the Classroom
Newton-Conover City Schools
Monday,2:15-3:30| Tanglewood
Newton-Conover City Schools has developed a teacher leadership program grounded in the theory that we want our excellent teachers to have the time, space, and opportunity to identify problems of practice in their schools and then develop action plans to address areas of concern. We have partnered with NCCAT to provide our teacherpreneurs professional development in the areas of general leadership, evaluation, policy and legislation, budgeting, and conflict resolution. They also learn to utilize a variety of protocols designed to provide them with a deeper understanding of both data and feedback. In this session, we will provide an overview of the program, a timeline for implementation, and copies of the materials and protocols we use with our teacherpreneurs.

The Aspiring Superintendents Program
NC School Superintendents Association
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Pebble Beach
NC School Superintendents Association Executive Director Jack Hoke will share about the program and allow participants to have a Q&A session with three program graduates.

The Education Lottery: In the Business of Possibilities!
N.C. Education Lottery
Monday,2:15-3:30| Colony B
The possibility of winning a prize that could change a day, a week, or perhaps even a life creates the fun that lottery games deliver to North Carolinians every day. That fun helps raise money for public education, creating more possibilities for students to pursue their dreams. Come learn about the business of a lottery, review your lottery’s balance sheet and its bottom line, and see how to track the money raised back to how it benefits your county.

Title IX – 37 Words that Changed the Future
Jim Watson
Monday,2:15-3:30| Heritage
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 banned discrimination based on sex and ushered in an era of greater equity for female students, thereby making it one of our country’s great civil rights accomplishments. While this 46-year-old legislation is often associated with increased support for women’s interscholastic sports, over time it has also been important when responding to issues such as sexual harassment and the treatment of LGBQT students. This session will examine the historic context surrounding Title IX ,as well as its current impact on schools, particularly in the areas of programming, harassment, and sexual diversity.

Translating Theory into Practice
Asheboro City Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Tanglewood
For the past two school years, all of our schools met or exceeded growth. Our district’s graduation rate ranked in the top 10 of our state. This is due to our philosophy of removing barriers for student success. We remove those barriers through collaboration with our families, faith-based partners, business leaders, educators, and students. Our advisory groups create new information and identify new opportunities that permit orderly change or adjustment. A nurturing, challenging, and supportive school environment provides the nourishment that children need to be healthy, whole, and successful. School experiences can evoke the strengths of children, their families, and their teachers if collaboration is fostered and enhanced. We will share our intentional strategies during the session.

Trauma and the Impact of the Whole Child
Scotland County Schools
Monday,2:15-3:30| Augusta
Trauma is something that our students face on a daily basis and impacts how they think and act. What are these effects? How do they impact children? What can you do about it?

Use Your Head – Get the Facts about Alcohol and the Teenage Brain
NC ABC Commission
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Pebble Beach
This presentation and interactive discussion will cover what new science tells us about brain development in adolescents and how alcohol use/abuse impairs learning, as well as the role of educators in addressing the issue of underage drinking.

When the Unimaginable Happens: Dealing with a Tragedy at School
Wilkes County
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Morehead
This presentation deals with a tragic accident that occurred on a Central Wilkes Middle School field trip to Washington, D.C., which took place March 8-10, 2018. You will be talked through the details of the trip, from pre-planning the year before the trip to the accident on the evening of March 9 and resulting death of our student on March 15. You will learn how we went about formatting our plan for providing for the needs of the student’s family, our students, our staff, and the community. As a vital part of attempting to heal from our loss, we offer this learning opportunity in hopes that something we say will help another school be more informed in the event of a tragedy.

Where Do I Start? Top 10 Redistricting Strategies!
Rockingham County Schools
Tuesday,10:30-11:45| Heritage
During 2016-2018, the Rockingham County Board of Education began a community-involved, transparent process to redistrict their school zones. This session will provide an overview of the process that the board and district followed and will share the lessons learned throughout the process. While no redistricting plan or process is without some level of discomfort and stress, the district’s recent work will provide you with ideas and steategies that could be incorporated into future redistricting needs.

NC Caucus of Black School Board Members
Tuesday,2:30-3:45| Meadowbrook

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